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The most frequent question many patients have when considering a plastic surgical procedure is, “how much does it cost?” On the surface, this question may seem easy to answer; however, so much more is involved than the actual price of the procedure when considering a cosmetic surgical procedure. Like most things, plastic surgery follows the rule of “you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.”

In general, the costs of aesthetic procedures are based on several factors which may include: how long the surgery will take, the complexity of the procedure, the risks involved, geographic location, the local marketplace, and the experience of the surgeon.

Here’s a closer look at each fee that is taken into consideration when quoting the cost of plastic surgery.

Components of a Surgical Fee

First, there are several components to the cost of an aesthetic surgical procedure. In addition to the surgeon’s fees, there are also facility fees and anesthesia fees. Operating room or facility fees are related to the location of your surgical procedure.

Surgeon’s Fee

It seems obvious that if you are having surgery, you will have to pay your surgeon. Many surgeons will consider multiple variables when calculating his or her fees for particular patients and procedures. These factors may include how long the surgery will take, how complex the procedure is, and assessing the unique risks to a particular patient and procedure.

What this means is that if the surgery is more complex because you have had multiple previous procedures or you have higher risks for post-operative issues (such as smoking), the cost of your procedure will likely be a little more.

Surgeon’s fees will also vary based on geography and cost-of-living. For example, most cosmetic surgeries cost more in states such as California and New York – in those areas of the country, almost everything (not just surgery) is more expensive.

Operating Room/Facility Fees

Your surgical procedure will be performed in an operating room which may be at a hospital or outpatient surgical facility. These facilities will also charge a fee for using the operating room to cover the cost of surgical supplies, staff, and medications used during your surgery.

This fee takes into account the cost of maintaining and using the operating room equipment – for example, operating room equipment has to be appropriately maintained and inspected on a regular basis to help ensure your safety. Most facilities will have standard costs based on the procedure and their calculations of what it costs them to do that procedure in that facility.

When you receive a quote at Bajaj Plastic Surgery, our facility fees also include your post-operative bra and/or compression garment, Exparel which is a long-acting local anesthetic and provides excellent pain control, and Biocorneum for your post-operative scar management as well.

Anesthesia Fees

In addition to your surgeon, you will also have an anesthesiologist who will be caring for you during surgery. This physician is responsible for administering the anesthesia, ensuring that you are comfortable and safe during your surgery. He or she will put you to sleep, monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and your comfort level, and wake you up after surgery. By ensuring that you wake up comfortably with minimal nausea or pain, your recovery will go much smoother. Like the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesia fee will also vary based on the estimated length of the surgery and the complexity of the surgical procedure.

Both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery publishes statistics annually. These statistics typically include the average cost of surgeons’ fees nationwide (remember that these numbers don’t include the OR/facility fees or the anesthesia fees).

Fees at Bajaj Plastic Surgery

At Bajaj Plastic Surgery, the quoted surgical fees also include pre-and post-operative care. This means all of your follow-up appointments are related to that particular surgery. However, if a revision of the surgical procedure is required, you may be responsible for operating room and anesthesia fees.

How Fees Tie into the Cost of Plastic Surgery

We individualize our quotes based on your unique circumstances. After your consultation with Dr. Bajaj, you will have the opportunity to review your quote which will include a breakdown of surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, and OR/facility fees. We also offer multiple financing options including AlphaeonPatientFi, and CareCredit.

We understand that many of our patients will want an idea of the estimate of what a surgical procedure will cost before their consultation. This information may allow you to plan, budget, and save money for that desired procedure. For this reason, we are happy to give you price ranges over the phone and on our website.

For more information concerning a quote or if you have questions about a procedure, please contact our staff at Bajaj Plastic Surgery.

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