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Ariel Winter Exudes Confidence After Revealing Her Breast Reduction

Ariel Winter, the 17 year old star of the TV hit, Modern Family, recently revealed that earlier this summer, she underwent breast reduction surgery. In her interview with Glamour Magazine, Ariel talks candidly about her decision to undergo breast reduction. Struggling with the emotional and physical burden of her size […]

Arm Yourself with Confidence

Loose, dangling upper arm skin is a common concern for many individuals. Targeting the dreaded “bat wing”, Brachioplasty gives your arms a thinner, more toned appearance. Brachioplasty, more commonly known as an arm lift, removes excess skin from the upper arm. At Bajaj Plastic Surgery, Brachioplasty has been an ever […]

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

With many different techniques available for breast reconstruction, it can be hard know to which one is best for you and your body.  At Bajaj Plastic Surgeons, we understand that post-mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be an emotionally difficult and personal experience.  Our doctors and staff strive to educate, guide, and […]

3 Breast Reconstruction Myths We Need to Set Straight

When I see a new consult, I strive to ensure that my patients and their families have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the risks involve with any surgical procedure. Managing patient expectations can be the most difficult and important aspect of a successful surgical procedure. In my practice […]

Dr. Bajaj Speaks with Project3One Breast Cancer Survivors

The following is a talk that I gave at a luncheon honoring breast cancer survivors sponsored by Project3One – a local organization started by one of my patients to help women dealing with breast cancer. The mission of Project3One is to embrace, equip, and empower women as they deal with […]

Smoking and Plastic Surgery: Just Don’t Do It

We all know that smoking is bad. As physicians, most of us routinely counsel our patients to stop smoking. However, I have found that many patients referred to me don’t understand why I will refuse to perform a surgical procedure unless they have quit smoking – before and after surgery.


The Benefits Of Fat GraftingAnu BajajOklahoma City, OKJan 21, 2014The Benefits of Fat Grafting A few months ago, I attended the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  These meetings provide an opportunity for learning about the latest in plastic surgery as well catching up with colleagues.  As […]