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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Surgery of any sort can be stressful and overwhelming for people whether it’s their first time or going in for their tenth procedure. There’s anxiety, certain precautions, and multiple medical forms that need to be completed and submitted before the procedure takes place. At Bajaj Plastic Surgery, we’re here to alleviate you from any concerns or worry that you may have about your treatments. With our expert staff, it’s our top priority that you feel safe and comfortable every step of your procedure, from your first consultation with us to your recovery checkups after the surgery.

ERAS — The Key to a Good Surgical Experience

ERAS is a surgical protocol that focuses on making surgery as smooth as possible for patients. Dr. Bajaj breaks down how it can help.

How to Minimize the Risk of Infections After Your Surgery

Here are some ways to reduce the risk of infections after surgery. Dr. Bajaj explains how they use antibiotics right before surgery as well as bathing in Hibiclens, an antibacterial cleanser.

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