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What Is a Lip Filler Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a procedure that creates fuller, more shapely lips. If you’ve always had small lips, or if you’ve seen them shrink or develop wrinkles over time, lip augmentation may be right for you.

doctor performing botox injections

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

A lip augmentation improves the look of small lips and treats fine lines around the mouth. It can also correct marionette lines around the outside of the mouth and enlarges the kissable area of the lips for an overall rejuvenated look.

Candidates for a Lip Augmentation

Patients should be non-smokers, in good health, and not exhibit oral conditions such as dental abscesses or cold sores.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

Using a dental block or numbing cream to control discomfort, fillers are injected into specific areas of the lips while maintaining the natural lip lines and borders.

Lip Augmentation Recovery

Post-treatment bruising and swelling are common, but should resolve within a few days. Injectable fillers made with hyaluronic acid typically last six to 12 months.

Learn More About Lip Augmentation

We encourage you to consider your options for a lip augmentation. Call Bajaj Plastic Surgery at 405-810-8448 to inquire about an appointment.

FAQs for Lip Augmentation | Bajaj Plastic Surgery



How much do lip fillers cost in Oklahoma City? The overall cost of lip fillers depends upon multiple factors. These include the amount of lip filler required to volumize the lips and the type of fillers used to achieve the desired results. After holding a detailed consultation, Dr. Bajaj and our team provide you with a detailed quote for lip fillers in Oklahoma City.

How long does lip augmentation last? Depending upon the type of lip filler used and your body’s response to it, your lip augmentation may last from 6 months to 1 year. If you want to continue retaining the look of your volumized lips, you can get maintenance treatments before your results wear off. But if you choose to go back to your pre-filler lips, you can simply let the fillers dissolve without any extra steps or quicken the process with a dissolving treatment. This makes lip augmentation a highly flexible treatment that you can enjoy on your own terms.

What is a Botox lip flip vs filler? A Botox lip flip relaxes the muscles of your upper lip, which causes them to spread and “flip” upwards to make your vermilion or pink pigment appear broader, making your lip appear fuller. Lip fillers add more volume to your lips with injections made from hyaluronic acid. This gives your lips a plumper appearance.

Depending upon the current appearance of your lips and your aesthetic goals, you can get a Botox lip flip, lip fillers, or both. After your personalized consultation, Dr. Bajaj and our team can help you determine which option suits you the best.

Are lip fillers worth it? When injected by a qualified provider, lip fillers can provide your lips with significant volume and a positively stunning pout. Each treatment can last at least 6 months and go up to a year, which makes it easy for you to continue enjoying its results before getting maintenance injections. The results, duration, and boost of confidence that lip fillers bring to the table make it worth it for many people.

What amount of lip filler looks natural? The amount of lip filler that looks natural depends largely upon the original shape of your lips as well as your facial features. After a hands-on consultation, Dr. Bajaj and our team can recommend the amount of lip filler that can provide natural-looking but effective results for your lip augmentation.

Is lip filler more expensive than Botox? Lip fillers are typically more expensive than Botox, but comparing the costs of these two completely different treatments is similar to comparing apples and oranges. While lip fillers plump up the appearance of your lips by adding physical volume, Botox causes the vermilion or pink pigment of your lips to flip upwards for a fuller look.

You can easily combine both treatments to augment your lips while also giving them a fuller appearance. This can also deliver more dramatic results for your lip augmentation. To help you understand the costs for individual and combination treatment options, Dr. Bajaj and our team provide you with a personalized quote after your consultation.

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