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Aesthetic Surgery in Oklahoma City

Bajaj Plastic Surgery has been synonymous with attentive reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Oklahoma City for five decades. We are known for our specialization in breast and reconstructive surgery. Still, we are also known for our warm and supportive staff members, inclusive and comfortable office environment, and our forming everlasting bonds with each patient we serve. Dr. Bajaj also has expertise in facial surgery, body sculpting, and minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Bajaj is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She was raised and educated in the United States and is licensed to practice surgery in three states, including Oklahoma.

After growing up in Oklahoma City, she moved to Houston to attend Rice University. While in medical school, she decided to pursue a career in plastic surgery after witnessing several extensive cancer resections. Surgeries that removed cancer often left the patient disfigured. She became passionate about reconstructive surgery because she saw how the procedures could restore patients’ confidence and belief in themselves.


Caring for the Whole Person

Dr. Bajaj believes that to perform a successful surgery, you must care for a patient entirely. This means setting up a consultation where she gets to know her patient as a person—their life story, lifestyle, and why they want treatment. Dr. Bajaj’s total care approach nurtures lasting relationships between her and her patients.

Unlike other surgeons who choose not to perform reconstructive surgery after developing a cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Bajaj remains committed to breast reconstructive surgery after cancer and is one of the few surgeons in our area who perform the DIEP flap procedure for breast reconstruction. She also performs breast enhancement, breast reduction, tummy tuck, facelift, and other plastic surgical procedures.

Dr Bajaj wearing black and a white coat

We Are Always Going, to Be Honest & Real with You

Whether you are coming to us for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, we are going to be real with you – setting expectations, knowing the steps we’re going to take, and envisioning the end result.

You have to understand anatomy, to create beauty. As the lead surgeon at Bajaj Plastic Surgery, I bring national credentials, a highly specialized skill set, and a very strong belief in ethical plastic surgery.

But more than anything, I am going to recommend the procedure that is the best fit for you as an individual. After receiving your first treatment, you’ll return to us again because of the personalized care and attention you receive. Our hope is that you will form a life-long relationship with myself and my caring staff.

Whether this decision feels big or small, it can make a real difference in your life.

– Dr. Anu Bajaj & Team

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