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What Is a Thigh Lift?

If you have lost a significant amount of weight or have excess skin and fat along your thighs, you may wish to consider a thigh lift with plastic surgeon Dr. Anureet Bajaj. A thigh lift can help slim the thighs and contour them for a more proportional shape.

As we age, gravity takes its inevitable toll, causing the skin on the thighs to wrinkle and droop. In other cases, patients may have excess skin on the thighs because of massive weight loss. A thigh lift is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to achieve leaner, more sculpted upper legs.

During this procedure, loose skin is removed, and the remaining skin is pulled taut. Liposuction may also be performed at the same time.

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Eligible Candidates for a Thigh Lift

If you are relatively healthy with loose or sagging skin around the thighs, you may be a suitable candidate for a thigh lift. You may still have excess skin. In addition, it is possible to combine a thigh lift with other procedures. It can be combined with procedures such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, or as a part of a lower body lift procedure for those looking to correct skin laxity on multiple regions of the body. If you wish to know what body contouring procedures you may be a candidate for, please contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bajaj.

Procedure Information

A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia which means that you will be asleep for the procedure. On the morning of surgery, Dr. Bajaj will mark you for surgery, and you will meet your anesthesiologist who will be monitoring your during surgery.

To begin the inner thigh lift procedure, Dr. Bajaj will make careful incisions along the inside of the thigh, from the groin to the knee. At this point, Dr. Bajaj may also use liposuction surgery to remove deposits of fat on and around the thighs. This will lead to optimal smoothing of the thighs. Once Dr. Bajaj has removed any troublesome fat from the thighs, she will then work on removing the loose skin and tissues that cause the thighs to appear overly large or saggy. She will then tighten the remaining tissues and close the incisions with sutures, creating a more toned look. The incisions will then be covered with a surgical dressing, and a compression garment will be applied.

After surgery, you will need someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours. You may have swelling and bruising following surgery. During the recovery process, it will be important for you to walk and maintain your nutrition. This will help to speed up the recovery stage by improving circulation throughout the body and reduce the risk of blood clots from forming. If you have drains, Dr. Bajaj will remove the drains within 2-5 days after surgery, and you will need to wear the compression garment for 4-6 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns during this time, should contact our office and speak with one of our knowledgeable and helpful members of staff.

Following surgery, it may take 2-3 weeks for the bruising and swelling to resolve. And while the most significant decrease in swelling will also be in this timeframe, you may continue to notice subtle improvements for several months. Your scars will fade with time. The reduction of excess skin and fat will also be long-term, especially when maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


Consultation Before Surgery

When considering a thigh lift procedure, patients must meet with Dr. Bajaj at Bajaj Plastic Surgery for a private consultation. Dr. Bajaj will thoroughly review your current health, medical history, and aesthetic goals. She will then examine your thighs and lower body to ensure that a thigh lift is the best option for your goals and expectations. The consultation is also the time to discuss the procedure with Dr. Bajaj, reviewing the details of surgery and recovery. She will also be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If for some reason thighplasty is not the best option for you, Dr. Bajaj will be able to recommend alternative treatment options to help them achieve your desired results.

Be sure to create a list of potential questions for Dr. Bajaj concerning thighplasty and cover each one during the consultation. This might include:

  • What do I need to do to prepare for a thigh lift?
  • How much pain will a thigh lift cause?
  • Am I the best candidate for this procedure?
  • How much will this cost?
  • What is the best way to recover quickly from a thigh lift?
  • How long will it take to return to my normal routine or activities?

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We encourage you to learn more about their options for a thigh lift in Oklahoma City. Please contact Bajaj Plastic Surgery today. Call our office at 405-810-8448 to inquire about a consultation.

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