Scar Revision

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Scar revision is a procedure offered by Dr. Bajaj that can treat scars that were caused by previous injury, surgery, or burns. If you are bothered by a prominent scar, this procedure may benefit you. Through a variety of different techniques, the operation can make a scar less noticeable.

Benefits of Scar Revision

  • Reducing appearance of a scar
  • Improving function of scarred tissue
  • Healthy, non-smokers

Scar revision in Oklahoma City is performed on mature scars. Therefore, you may need to wait at least 6 months after scar formation to be considered a candidate. Patients should be aware that scars are not removed, but made less visible through different techniques like excision, flap surgery, or skin resurfacing. In many cases, the procedure simply replaces a prominent scar with a scar that is less visible.


Based on the type of scar you exhibit, the doctor may perform a variety of scar revision procedures in Oklahoma City.

In a fusiform excision surgery, Dr. Bajaj will make an ellipses-shaped incision around the scar and remove the tissue. In a partial or serial excision surgery, the doctor will make an elliptical incision, but may not be able to entirely remove the scar in one procedure. Follow-up procedures would then be necessary.

If you have a raised scar, OKC plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj may gradually shave down the elevated tissue to match the surrounding skin.

A local flap surgery can be performed when the surrounding skin can be used to cover the scarred area of skin. Using a Z or W-shaped incision, Dr. Bajaj breaks up the scar, restoring function and reducing its appearance.

Skin grafts can be used to reduce small, round and depressed scars. In this surgery, Oklahoma City plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj will take skin from a donor site on your body and use it to raise the scarred area, making it level with the surrounding tissue.

For some of these procedures, such as local flap surgery, Dr. Bajaj can perform tissue expansion techniques, which stretch extra skin to make reconstruction possible.


After scar revision, your skin may feel tight and you may experience swelling and pain, which can be managed with prescription medication. The treated areas will be covered with a dressing and you may need to change it to keep it fresh. Remember to follow the doctor’s specific post-operative instructions after your scar revision.

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