DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

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Through DIEP flap reconstruction, we at Bajaj Plastic Surgery will help you achieve beautiful, natural looking breasts.

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery

With many different techniques available for breast reconstruction, it can be hard to know to which one is best for you, your body and your unique circumstances. At Bajaj Plastic Surgery we understand that post-mastectomy breast reconstruction can be an emotionally difficult and personal experience. Our doctors and staff strive to educate, guide, and support you through the entire reconstruction process.

We offer an advanced form of breast reconstruction known as DIEP flap surgery. DIEP (Deep Interior Epigastric Perforator) refers to the name of the blood vessels that supply the flap; this procedure uses state-of-the-art technology to reconstruct and restore your breasts by taking the skin and fat from your lower abdomen to reconstruct your breasts. By using your own tissue, the reconstructed breasts will look and feel more natural.

Benefits of DIEP Flap Reconstruction

  • Minimizes loss of muscle function
  • Minimizes risk of abdominal hernia
  • Less postoperative pain – Recent studies have shown that patients undergoing DIEP flap breast reconstruction have less postoperative pain than those having tissue expanders. Furthermore, Dr. Bajaj believes that postoperative pain should be managed with a multi-pronged approach including local anesthetics, anti-inflammatories, and steroids in addition to narcotics.
  • Quicker recovery – Since the DIEP flap is associated with less postoperative pain, it isn’t uncommon for some women to request medical clearance to return to work sooner than their six weeks of medical leave.
  • Flatter abdomen
  • Natural appearance

Soft, Natural Feel

In a DIEP flap, breasts are reconstructed using fat, skin, and blood vessels that are removed from the your lower abdomen – the skin and fat between your belly button and your pubic bone that you can pinch. Using microsurgery, the blood vessels obtained from the lower belly are then connected to the blood vessels in your chest under a microscope. The use of living tissues instead of implants allows for a natural look and feel which will last you your entire life.

Special Muscle Sparing Technique

Another benefit is that your abdomen will appear flatter and tighter because fat is moved from your lower abdomen to your chest.

The DIEP flap allows for preservation of your abdominal muscles since the skin and fat is taken with its blood supply. These blood vessels are dissected through the muscle to their origin in your groin; occasionally, a small amount of muscle has to be taken to protect the blood vessels. Since no muscle or very little or no muscle is taken, DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery offers a quicker recovery and less pain compared with to other types of breast reconstructive surgery. Likewise, since most if not all of the muscle is preserved, there is a lower risk of losing abdominal strength or developing abdominal bulges or hernias.

Experience Counts

Dr. Bajaj and her father, Dr. P.S. Bajaj, began performing DIEP flap breast reconstruction and other microvascular flaps for breast reconstruction in Oklahoma City in 2007.

Since then, they have performed over 300 such procedures with low complication rates and excellent outcomes.

Many publications have emphasized that with these technically challenging procedures, the more you do, the better your outcomes. Dr. Bajaj has performed over 500 DIEP flaps; currently she performs over 45-50 DIEP flap breast reconstruction cases (or 60-80 flaps) annually, which places her and St. Anthony Hospital at the level of a high volume center with excellent outcomes.

Are You a Candidate?

In order to see if you are a good candidate for DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery, please request a consultation to speak with one of our expert breast reconstruction surgeons at Bajaj Plastic Surgery. We look forward to hearing from you.