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Everyone sweats. It is a natural function of our body, and helps us maintain temperature. Our bodies have sweat glands that are triggered when we exercise, become too warm or stressed. In some cases, this sweat reaction may be overactive, leading to excessive sweating and embarrassing sweat stains. For those who are looking for relief from overactive sweat glands, there is the Miradry treatment.

Miradry is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that reduces overactive sweat gland activity to give patients peace of mind and freedom from embarrassing sweat stains. To learn more about how you can gain long-lasting relief from overactive sweat glands speak with Dr. Bajaj about Miradry treatment.

What is Miradry?

Miradry is a safe, and clinically-proven method to reduce underarm sweat. Most patients will notice a significant reduction in underarm sweat after a single treatment.

Miradry is an FDA-approved technology that provides long-lasting reduction of underarm sweat. Secondary, benefits also include a reduction in odor and hair growth. There is no surgery and no incisions; the treatment is performed in the comfort and privacy of our state-of-the-art facility. Miradry is versatile and safe, effective for treating individuals with any skin type and tone.

The Science of Miradry

The Miradry system uses cutting-edge, MiraWAVE energy, to penetrate into the skin and target the sweat and odor-causing glands. The uniquely designed handpiece also employes suction and cooling for maximized control and protection of surrounding skin tissue. In this manner, only the sweat glands are targeted and treated.

Millions of people around the world, as many as 5% of the population, struggle with symptoms caused by hyperhidrosis – also know as excessive sweating. Others may also have overactive sweat glands that create foul-smelling sweat, which is a condition called osmidrosis. Clinical studies conducted around the world have shown extremely high rates of satisfaction and positive outcomes with MiraDry for these conditions; 83% of patients treated with Miradry showed improvement in symptoms even months after treatment. For osmidrosis patients, more than 90% of patients showed improvement.

Developed by MiraDry Inc. This system achieves its results through a process called thermolysis that is achieved using electromagnetic energy.

The Miradry handpiece distributes one to three centimeters of directed microwave energy towards the sweat glands. The microwave energy penetrates into the dermal layer, heating sweat glands and deactivating them. At the same time, the Miradry treatment cools the surface of the skin for protection.

Thermolysis is a term that means heat is used to break down molecules. When Miradry’s electromagnetic energy penetrates the sweat glands, the sweat glands are broken down. Since sweat glands do not regenerate, the results of a treatment are long-lasting – the sweat glands cannot grow back. The electromagnetic energy is generated in pulses that last just fractions of a second. This achieves accurate, control heating that breaks down the function of overactive sweat glands just beneath the surface of the skin. The patented Miradry energy protocol achieves deep heating, but also surface level cooling to ensure that surrounding tissue is unharmed.

Candidates for Miradry

The Miradry treatment is non-invasive and safe, with more than 55,000 treatments performed annually around the world.

Good candidates for the procedure include individuals who want more confidence and wish to be rid of the problem with underarm sweat. Individuals with hyperhidrosis or those who generally struggle to control their underarm sweat are good candidates for treatment. The treatment is generally recommended for healthy adults free of any serious skin conditions that may interfere with the results of a treatment. Individuals who require supplemental oxygen, have a pacemaker, or other serious medical conditions may not be appropriate candidates.

If you have experienced embarrassment or anxiety as a result of excessive underarm sweat, pit stains and under odor due to sweat, you’ve probably tried and sought out many different over- the-counter treatments such as topical creams or antiperspirants. Aside from delivering mediocre or limited short-term results, a growing body of research points to some unwanted side effects of certain antiperspirant brands.

With Miradry, long-term and lifetime sweat reduction possible with a treatment that can last as little as one hour with little to no downtime.

Areas Treated

The Miradry treatment head is versatile and portable. The treatments are performed to address the overactive sweat glands of the underarm.


Every treatment offered by Dr. Bajaj at Bajaj Plastic Surgery is completely customized to fit your goals and body. During a consultation, you will meet with Dr. Bajaj to go over the specifics of your situation and discuss your symptoms in detail.

After an examination of your symptoms and talking over your experience, Dr. Bajaj will recommend a course of treatment and walk you through each step of the treatment. The number of treatment sessions and the areas treated will be discussed and you will receive an itemized quote of your treatment cost.

Sweat Reduction Alternatives

Miradry is a safe and effective long-term solution for those of us who struggle with underarm sweat. Many times patients will explore other options first such as anti-perspirants or dermal injections that reduce the activity of sweat glands. Botox injections are an alternative treatment for those who may not qualify for Miradry. Although Botox treatments are effective and used all over the world, the results are not long-term. A single treatment of Botox for hyperhidrosis may last as long as nine months.

Since Miradry works to reduce the function of overactive sweat glands, it is one of the few if not only long-term solution for sweat reduction.

Miradry Treatment

A single Miradry session can take about one hour to perform from start to finish. The entire treatment is performed in-office. Since it is non-surgical and non-invasive, local anesthesia is used to numb the treatment area.

During the treatment, you are awake and resting in a reclined position. The treatment head is brought over the target area. Before the treatment, the target area is predetermined and marked for accuracy. As the Miradry system delivers the heat-energy to the sweat glands, you will not feel anything since the local anesthesia is at work. You may feel the suction of the treatment head as it draws your skin closer to maximize energy penetration.


Redness and swelling are common in the treated area and may last for upto two weeks. Discomfort in the armpits may last for a few days, but pain medication is available to manage your symptoms.

After your treatment is complete, there is little to no downtime. If your normal routine consists only of light activity, you can immediately resume your regular activities. Light to intense physical activity may require a few days of a recovery.


The impact on your sweat glands is instant and you can expect an immediate reduction of sweat in a treated area. Sweat glands that are treated with Miradry do not return so sweat reduction is permanent. The amount of sweat reduction will vary from person to person.

The number of sweat glands on the body number in the millions, so treating a small area will have no impact on your body’s overall ability to cool itself. Moreover, for some patients, they may have a high concentration of sweat glands in the underarm and may be recommended as a second treatment session to achieve better, long-term sweat reduction.


Each Miradry treatment is customized according to your needs and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results. To learn more about the treatment, schedule a consultation and you will receive an accurate cost breakdown of your Miradry treatment.