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Faces are where people show their age. It makes sense; gravity, weather facial expressions and emotions all play into our ages—not to mention, genetics. If you desire a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance, facelift surgery may be right for you.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

  • Smoothing the face and neck.
  • Removing excess skin.
  • Tightening the underlying tissues and muscles.
  • Achieving a younger appearance.


You will have a personal consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj to determine what face lift treatment or surgery is best for you. Since a facelift is a very versatile procedure, plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj will need to know your medical history and will also perform a physical examination. The surgical technique that achieves your desired outcomes and offers the lowest risks is technique Dr. Bajaj will perform.

For your face lift surgery, Dr. Bajaj will give you the appropriate anesthesia and/or intravenous sedation to keep you comfortable through your medical procedure. There are several surgical techniques that may be utilized, such as incisions in multiple areas, liposuction surgery, skin removal and undermining of the skin.


With an incision that travels around the ear and hairline, Dr. Bajaj lifts and tightens the tissues of the face and neck.

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Dr. Bajaj will continue to monitor you after your face lift surgery. You may have a bandage wrapped around your face and, sometimes, small tubes are inserted beneath the skin to drain accumulated fluid.

Surprisingly, there is very little pain experienced after facelift surgery, but you’ll be prescribed pain medications, as needed, to control any discomfort you may have. And you may want to use ice packs intermittently to help control swelling.

Sun exposure and cigarettes should be avoided to help the healing, as with any plastic surgery treatment.

Recovery varies by patient, but you’ll need to rest quietly and elevate your head the first few days after surgery. Dr. Bajaj removes most stitches within a week of surgery, and some patients experience mild swelling the first few weeks after surgery. You’ll be given instructions on how to care for your dressings and incisions to help the healing process.

Once dressings are removed, you’ll probably have discoloration and bruising in some parts of the face. Usually bruising resolves within 2 weeks of your face lift surgery, but it usually takes several months for swelling to resolve and incision scars to fade.

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If you desire a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance, we encourage you to find out more about facelift surgery in Oklahoma City. Plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj and her staff are eager to speak with you about the benefits of these procedures. Please email us or call us today at 405.810.8448 to set up your consultation.