Ear Pinning Surgery

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earsEar pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure that changes the size or placement of ears. If you desire to change your ears, ear pinning surgery may be right for you.

For those who have protruding ears, it may be a good idea to undergo ear pinning surgery at a young enough age to avoid unnecessary teasing by one’s peers.

Benefits of Ear Pinning Surgery

  • Enhancing proportion of the external ear
  • Children with fully developed ears
  • Adults bothered by protruding ears


The ear pinning procedure can vary slightly based on your needs and desired look. Your personal consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Bajaj will help determine what ear pinning surgery is best for you.

otoplasty_incisionDespite the terminology, “ear pinning” does not actually involve pinning back the ears. Typically the procedure is performed under light sedation—although younger children may require general anesthesia.

An incision behind the ear allows Dr. Bajaj to reshape the cartilage and alter the ear’s position.

During the surgery, Dr. Bajaj will make an incision in back of the ear, along the crease and, to decrease projection, she’ll remove a small amount of cartilage in this area. Once this is done, Dr. Bajaj will re-suture the cartilage, making the ears sit closer to the sides of your head. Sometimes it’s not even necessary to remove cartilage.


Recovering from ear pinning surgery is usually pretty simple. You will be given a dressing to mold and apply pressure to the ears. It is important that you not touch the bandages and that you don’t get them wet as they are help ensure a positive surgical outcome.

Three to five days after surgery, Dr. Bajaj will remove the bandages. Some patients may experience stinging or aching in their ears, which is normal after this type of surgery. Dr. Bajaj will prescribe the appropriate pain medication to manage discomfort.

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If your ears bother you and are affecting your self-esteem, we encourage you to find out more about ear pinning surgery. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anu Bajaj and her staff are eager to speak with you about the benefits of these procedures. Please email Bajaj Plastic Surgery in Oklahoma City or call us today at 405.810.8448 to set up your consultation.