Implant Removal with Auto Augmentation Breast Lift

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Do you wish to remove your implants, but are afraid that the procedure will leave you with deflated, sagging breasts? Or maybe you are interested in a breast lift (or mastopexy), while also attaining a slightly fuller and shapelier bust? The breast lift with auto-augmentation technique may be right for you. This unique procedure can provide a lift, improved contour and fullness to the breasts without the need for implants. Instead, it utilizes the your existing tissue to shape your breasts.

Dr. Bajaj has successfully performed numerous breast implant removals with mastopexy using an auto-augmentation technique to meet her patient’s needs. Contact her office in Oklahoma City, OK to request a consultation.

About Implant Removal with Auto Augmentation Technique

Breast implant removal with mastopexy using an auto-augmentation technique provides patients with a lift and a slight increase in breast size by using the patient’s own tissue. This can be achieved all without the need for implants.

What most women don’t like about a lift alone is that they feel that they lose fullness in their breasts. Similarly, many women who want their implants removed are afraid to remove them because they don’t want to lose the full look to their breast.

Dr. Bajaj’s approach to breast augmentation and revision surgeries is that if a woman is happy with the overall size of her breasts and is only concerned with shape, then you don’t need implants. This is contrary to what many other plastic surgeons say, encouraging women to get implants in order to achieve upper pole fullness. Dr. Bajaj, on the other hand, uses excess tissue in other parts of the breasts in order to achieve a fuller result. For example, many women – particularly those who have lost a lot of weight – have excess tissue on the sides of the chest (the lateral extensions.) This tissue can be rotated towards the breast, helping women achieve the shape and definition they desire without inserting any foreign materials.


This procedure is particularly effective for women who desire improved contour and shape to their breasts, but do not want implants. In particular, auto-augmentation without implants is beneficial because it doesn’t have the added risks associated with having breast implants. For example, you will not have to worry about implant rupture, capsular contracture, implant-related infections, or the costs of requiring breast implant replacement in the future. Assuming you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, the results from the procedure should be long-lasting.

Good Candidates

A variety of different patients may be good candidates for a mastopexy with the auto-augmentation technique. This procedure is frequently performed on women interested in removing their implants, but concerned about the shape and contour post-removal. It can also be performed on women who desire a lift but are worried about losing volume in their breasts. Finally, it may be a good procedure for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, leaving their breasts less desirable in terms of shape, contour, and lift.

In order for this procedure to be successful, you should be at a healthy and stable weight prior to undergoing surgery. For weight loss patients, it is particularly important that they are committed to maintaining a healthy diet high in protein and an exercise routine following the surgery in order to maintain long-lasting results.

Besides being at a healthy goal weight, you should also be in good general health. You should not possess any chronic conditions that could impair your ability to heal from the procedure. You should also be a non-smoker, as smoking can negatively impact healing. Furthermore, you should be psychologically ready for cosmetic surgery and have realistic goals and expectations. You will be able to discuss your goals for the procedure with Dr. Bajaj at the time of the consultation. Contact her office today to request a consultation!

Auto Augmentation vs Fat Transfer

Auto-augmentation is not the same as a fat transfer procedure. While neither requires the use of implants, Dr. Bajaj has found auto-augmentation to be more effective and reliable than fat transfer procedures performed for breast augmentation.

With auto-augmentation, your own tissue is rotated and repositioned in order to achieve the breast fullness. This means that the tissue retains its original blood supply, making the results much more predictable and long-lasting.

Fat transfer procedures, on the other hand, use liposuction to harvest fat cells from elsewhere on the body. The fat cells are then cleaned and grafted into the breasts. They have no original blood supply and therefore must “take” to the new area. Not all of the cells will be able to secure a blood supply and many will be naturally processed out of the body. For this reason, patients often require multiple fat transfer procedures in order to achieve their desired results. This can be time-consuming, not to mention costly.


In anticipation of the surgery, you should:

  • Fill any medications prescribed by Dr. Bajaj.
  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult to pick you up from surgery and spend the first 24 hours with you to assist with anything you may require.
  • Quit smoking (if applicable) and do not consume alcohol in the days leading up to the surgery.

Dr. Bajaj will provide you with more detailed information on how to prepare for the surgery at the time of the consultation.

Surgery Process

The procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. On average, the procedure lasts about two to three hours.

Dr. Bajaj will begin by making an anchor incision, which includes an incision around the areola, from the areola to the inframammary fold, and then across the breast crease. If necessary, Dr. Bajaj will first remove the patient’s implants. Dr. Bajaj will then lift the breasts to a more attractive position and reposition the patient’s breast tissue to define, contour, and add fullness to the breasts. The breast tissue will be rotated into a new, more attractive position, but will still be connected to its original blood supply. This makes it more effective and predictable than a fat transfer procedure. In some cases, the nipple and areola may need to be relocated higher on the chest for improved proportions and excess skin may be removed. Finally, she will close the incisions with sutures.

You will then be taken to a recovery room where they will be monitored by our staff prior to being released into the care of a responsible friend or family member.


Recovery from the surgery is comparable to recovery from a standard breast lift. You should rest as much as possible for about 1-2 weeks. During this time, the most common side effects are bruising, swelling, and discomfort. The breasts will be covered with bandages and gauze and will be placed in a compression garment to promote proper healing and minimize side effects. In some cases, thin drains may be used to release excess fluid build-up. Discomfort can be relieved with prescription medication provided by Dr. Bajaj. During this resting period, Dr. Bajaj will provide instructions on some light exercises and walking that you can do to improve recovery time and results. After this time, you should be able to return to work and to regular routines.

Following surgery, you will also be provided with instructions on how to care for the surgical site, change post-surgical garments, etc. You should also plan on coming back into the doctor’s office for follow-up appointments, so Dr. Bajaj can ensure that the breasts are healing properly.


In order to be considered for breast implant removal with auto-augmentation breast lift technique, you should begin by requesting a personal consultation with Dr. Bajaj at her Oklahoma City office. The consultation will set the groundwork for the rest of your surgical experience.

At the beginning of the consultation, Dr. Bajaj will ask you questions about why you are interested in this specific procedure, any cosmetic work you’ve had done in the past, and post-surgical goals. Please inform the doctor of your complete medical history, including any chronic illnesses, medications, past surgeries, and alcohol or drug use. While this information will likely not preclude you from having surgery, it is important knowledge for your safety and an accurate surgical plan. Dr. Bajaj will perform an examination and, using her expert opinion, recommend whether or not you would benefit from this procedure.

Dr. Bajaj will go over all of the specifics of the procedure and surgical process. Dr. Bajaj encourages her patients to do their research beforehand and come in with a list of questions regarding the procedure in order to get the most out of the consultation. Communication is key for a successful outcome.

If you are interested in implant removal with mastopexy using an auto-augmentation technique, then the first step is to request a consultation with Dr. Bajaj.