Breast Augmentation

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breast augmentation oklahomaIf you want to restore breast volume after significant weight loss, desire fuller breasts after having a baby, or just want a new look, breast augmentation surgery may be right for you.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Also known as an augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery is a way to enhance the volume, fullness, and appearance of a woman’s breast by placing implants. Dr. Anu Bajaj and her skilled Oklahoma staff are able to pair this procedure with a breast lift for patients who suffer from sagging, also known as breast ptosis. Breast augmentation can also be paired with other complementing procedures such as a tummy tuck or liposuction for further body contouring.

What Should Normal Breasts Look Like?

Breasts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; consequently, there is no such thing as a “perfect” or “ideal” breast. While breast augmentation surgery cannot give you “perfect” breasts, your larger and fuller breasts after breast augmentation surgery may be perfect for you.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Anu Bajaj and her Oklahoma City staff perform breast augmentation surgery for women who have a variety of cosmetic concerns and come from different backgrounds with a multitude of breast sizes, shapes and colors. Many women may share the following concerns with Dr. Anu Bajaj:

  • Enlarging breast size
  • Enhancing body proportions
  • Correcting uneven symmetry
  • Filling volume lost from giving birth, breastfeeding, or weight loss
  • Fixing prior breast surgery (breast revision surgery)
  • Treat breast ptosis by performing a breast lift with an augmentation
  • Improving self confidence


Women who are interested in enhancing the shape, volume and fullness of their breasts are good candidates for breast augmentation surgery.

Like any surgical procedure, candidates should be in good health and have the time and resources to achieve optimum recovery.

If you have concerns about breast size, body proportion, uneven symmetry or if your confidence has diminished from changes in breast volume from having undergone another breast procedure, given birth, breastfed, or having had a significant amount of weight loss, you may be a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure.

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Implant Options

Breast implants come in a variety of options that supply patients with a custom tailored procedure plan. These options include type, shape, size, profile, placement, and incision location. During your private breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Bajaj at her Oklahoma location, she will take the time to sit and discuss each option to make sure you are aware of the pros and cons, allowing you to be able to make informed decisions.

Implant Characteristics

You can choose to undergo breast augmentation with saline or silicone-filled implants, which come in a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes. During your Oklahoma breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Bajaj, you will be assisted in selecting the most suitable option for your specific body type and desired effect.


Selecting the composition of your implants is based on personal preference. Implants come in both saline and silicone filling with unique insertion methods. It is important to keep in mind that both options are man-made and will, at some point, need to be removed and/ or replaced.


saline implant oklahomaWith saline implants, an empty shell is implanted into the body, then filled with a sterile saline solution. Saline, or salt-water, is non-toxic to the body. The advantage of using saline implants is they are more cost effective, the incision site is smaller, and Dr. Bajaj will be able to adjust the volume of your implants during surgery.


silicone implant oklahoma cityUnlike saline, silicone implants are pre-filled before insertion. They are semi-solid masses comprised of a bonding silicone gel. These implants will feel more like your own breasts and are less likely to ripple. Silicone implants are more expensive than saline implants and typically require a longer incision.


Implant size is usually one of the most important concerns for women when considering a breast augmentation. Frequently, women will come in for a consultation and ask for a certain cup size (A, B, C, D, DD, etc.), but this is not an accurate way to determine the look of your breasts. Bra sizes are inconsistent between different brands, as a 36C in one store may be considered a 36DD in another; and cup sizes aren’t standardized. Instead, breast size is determined by volume and will be more accurately assessed by the look and shape that you desire as well as your unique proportions. The metric used to measure implants is in cubic centimeters (cc). Implant sizes generally range from 120cc to 800cc.


In conjunction with size, the profile refers to the outward protrusion of the implant from the patient’s chest. These profiles typically come in three variations: low, moderate, and high. Selection is determined on body type and dimension of frame.


The implants can be placed in one of two positions in relation to the pectoral muscle: above the muscle (sub-glandular) or under the muscle (sub-muscular.)


subglandular-implantWith implantation above of the pectoral muscle and under the fatty breast tissue and mammary gland, the sub-glandular placement offers a higher projection. This technique is most commonly used for women who already possess an ample amount of natural breast tissue. A disadvantage to the sub-glandular technique is a higher possibility of rippling and a greater chance that the implants may be visible. However, the advantage is that there is no muscular distortion with this placement.


submuscular-implantIf women do not have a sufficient amount of natural breast tissue, the sub-muscular technique will be used to place the implant underneath the pectoral muscle. The advantage of this placement is a lesser chance of rippling and a more natural appearance. The sub-muscular placement also improves mammographic visualization and has a slightly lower risk of capsular contracture.

Incision Sites

There are three possible incision sites used in the breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Bajaj will recommend the best one for you.


Crease of the Breast

The inframammary incision is performed underneath the breast in its natural crease. Allowing more control for placement, whether beneath or above the muscle, this technique minimizes scarring as it hides within the crease of the breast.


The transaxillary incision makes scarring inconspicuous by placing the implant through the axilla, or underarm.

Around the Areola

The periareolar incision is oftentimes used for women receiving multiple breast procedures. With the implant being inserted through the lower half of the areola, any scarring is then blended into the rim.

Procedure Process

The operation typically requires one to two hours to perform.

Breast augmentation is performed with a general anesthetic, so you’ll sleep through the surgery.

First, the incision spot is marked along with measurement guidelines discussed in your consultation. The anesthetic will then be administered and the area will be prepared with an antibiotic solution. The incision will be made along with an implant pocket, and your implants will be inserted and corrected for symmetrical placement. Lastly, the incision site will be closed and a dressing and bra will be placed.

Recovery Process

Dr. Bajaj will continue to monitor you after your breast augmentation surgery and will prescribe the appropriate medication to keep you comfortable.

breast-augmentation-recovery-okcDr. Bajaj will give you specific instructions on how to care for your breasts following surgery. Recovery time differs by individual, but you’ll most likely be able to return to work in 3-5 days; you may experience some soreness and swelling for one to two weeks. Most patients are able to return normal activities, such as working out, within two weeks of breast augmentation surgery. You will have a follow-up appointment within a couple of weeks to ensure everything is healing properly.

Ancillary Procedures

While breast augmentation can provide great results on its own, results can oftentimes be greatly enhanced with the addition of ancillary procedures.

Breast Lift

If your nipples fall below the crease of your breast, an augmentation will not be sufficient enough to give you the look you desire. When the breast sags, there is too much loose skin on the top of the breast and if an implant is placed, your breasts will still sag. Women who experience breast sagging are good candidates for a breast lift. A breast lift can be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation if you are interested in both a lifted and fuller look.

Tummy Tuck

Women desiring breast augmentation surgery may be interested in a tummy tuck for added body contouring. A tummy tuck is a procedure designed to slim and define the midsection by surgically tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin. For mothers looking to regain their pre-baby bodies, breast augmentation and a tummy tuck can be performed on the same day; the combination of these procedures is referred to as a mommy makeover.


If you need to reconstruct your breasts because of a medical condition, or just want to improve your self-esteem with fuller, more-shapely breasts, Dr. Anureet Bajaj and her staff in Oklahoma City are eager to speak with you about breast augmentation surgery. You can set up a personal consultation with Dr. Bajaj online to determine if breast augmentation surgery will achieve the results you desire.


Pricing is dependent on which type of implant you select and whether you choose to undergo any additional procedures with your breast augmentation. Further information and quote estimation will be discussed in your consultation.