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Botox under the tree?

Botox under the tree?

Every December, my husband becomes a little stressed about gift giving. Not only does he have to worry about Christmas, but I also have a December birthday. His mantra becomes “what do you get the woman who has everything and needs nothing?”

Experiencing the angst of finding the perfect gift is not unique to my husband. While all of us love giving and receiving gifts, we can become anxious in trying to choose the “perfect gift”. I love seeing the happiness and surprise on a loved one’s face when I have given him or her something truly amazing. In our quest for finding that special gift, some may consider giving the gift of plastic surgery as well.

Gifts of plastic surgery services have increased over the years with the advent of more non-surgical procedures such as Botox, Kybella, Fillers, Facials, Skin Care Products, and Lasers. While most of these may have less downtime than traditional surgical procedures, plastic surgery itself is increasingly popular and more acceptable to discuss socially as well.

If we choose to gift our loved one plastic surgery, what are some tips to do it right?

  1. Obously, we want to give something that is desired or wanted. Part of what is involved in choosing a great gift is learning what your loved one desires; frequently, he or she has mentioned something that bothers him or her or has dropped subtle (or not so subtle) hints. I would definitely recommend that you shouldn’t surprise someone with a gift of a plastic surgical service unless it has been communicated and discussed with the giftee.
  2. Remember that surgery is a medical procedure. While your loved one may desire a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty), he or she may not be a good surgical candidate. These types of questions can only be answered during an in-person consultation. For this reason, it can be difficult to give a gift of a surgery; however, sometimes fillers, skin care products, or other non-surgical items may be more gift-worthy.
  3. Similarly, choosing a surgeon is a personal decision. Not every patient will like every surgeon he or she meets – both the surgeon (and the surgeon’s staff) and the prospective patient have to be a good fit. And furthermore, when choosing your surgeon, do check his or her qualifications and ensure that he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Another way to approach gift giving of aesthetic procedures and services is to give a gift certificate. Many of us may desire cosmetic procedures but feel guilty about spending the money. If it is something your loved one desires, helping to pay for it will be appreciated in addition to the permission to splurge on oneself. If your loved one wants a plastic surgical service (has already had a consultation) or regularly gets Botox or fillers, a gift of plastic surgery can be an excellent choice! When I speak with my patients about why they desire these services, they say that they feel more confident and beautiful, and who can argue with that?

When choosing a surgical or non-surgical gift, at Bajaj Plastic Surgery, we will work hard to help you and your loved one are comfortable and satisfied with their decision.