Thigh Lift

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thigh-lift-oklahoma-cityIndividuals who have recently lost weight and now struggle with thighs that appear old or exhibit loose skin and fat may choose a thigh lift with plastic surgeon Dr. Anureet Bajaj. A thigh lift can help slim your thighs and contour them for a more proportional shape.

Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery

  • removing loose skin on the thighs
  • toning the appearance of the thighs
  • eradicating small pockets of fat
  • reducing thigh circumference


When you undergo your thigh lift, Dr. Bajaj’s anesthesiologist will first administer an anesthetic. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, you will either receive a local anesthetic with sedation or a general anesthetic to help you sleep through the procedure.

To begin your procedure, Dr. Bajaj will make careful incisions along the inside of your thigh. She will take special care to ensure that the incisions will be made where they will be minimally visible and can be hidden easily by clothing. At this point, Dr. Bajaj may also use liposuction surgery to remove deposits of fat on and around the thighs. This will lead to optimal smoothing of the thighs.

Once Dr. Bajaj has removed any troublesome fat from the thighs, she will then work on removing the loose skin and tissues that cause the thighs to appear overly large or saggy. Working from the incision sites, Dr. Bajaj will remove the skin and tissue. She will then tighten the remaining tissues and close the incisions with sutures, creating a more toned look. The incisions will then be covered with a surgical dressing and a compression garment will be applied.

In some cases, as she completes surgery, Dr. Bajaj may insert drainage tubes, which will help collect any fluid build-up post-surgery.



When you leave Dr. Bajaj’s practice, you should expect four to six weeks of recovery time. You will need to arrange for transportation home and some at-home care for the first few days of recovery.

It is common to experience some swelling and discomfort. Dr. Bajaj may prescribe medication to help you manage discomfort. Within a day after your surgery, Dr. Bajaj may ask you to begin walking around, with assistance.

A week or so after your surgery, you will return to Dr. Bajaj’s office, where she will examine your healing and remove the drainage tubes. The sutures may also be removed at this time.

After two weeks or so, you will begin to incorporate light exercise back into your routine. The compression garments, however, will need to be worn for about four weeks after your surgery. These garments help maintain the new shape of your lower body.

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