Body Lift

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Female body with the drawing arrows on it isolated on white. FatAfter major weight loss, body lift surgery can help treat the residual effects of loose skin on the body. Patients choose to undergo a body lift to remove loose skin that hangs around the midsection.

Following a body lift procedure, not only will your appearance be improved with slimmer contours, but you can experience improved health and self-confidence, as well.

Benefits of Body Lift Surgery

  • removing loose skin around the midsection, thighs, hips
  • localized removal of fat cells
  • improving the fit of clothing
  • treating hygiene issues related to skin folds


For your body lift procedure, a general anesthetic is used, which will allow you to sleep through the surgery. After you have received the anesthetic, Dr. Bajaj will begin by making incisions around your lower body, hidden in your bikini line.

The body lift is a circumferential procedure and is sometimes completed in stages, depending on how much tissue needs to be removed.

When the appropriate amount of loose skin and tissue have been removed, Dr. Bajaj will close the incisions with sutures and apply a surgical dressing. Surgical drains may also be placed at this time to collect any fluid build-up as you heal. Finally, compression garments will be applied. These garments will maintain the new contours of your lower body and must be worn for several weeks after surgery to achieve an ideal result.



The recovery time for a body lift can be up to six weeks. While you will slowly be able to incorporate aspects of your normal routine, your activity will be very limited for the first week or so of your healing. You will need help at home for several days and should begin walking with assistance a day after surgery. Dr. Bajaj will prescribe medication to help you manage discomfort. After about a week, you will return to Dr. Bajaj’s office to have the surgical drains removed and for her to track your progress.

When you have healed from your body lift, you will be more confident in showing off your slimmer, more toned-looking physique.

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