Facial Implants

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Please note, Dr. Bajaj now prefers to use fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, for augmenting the following areas on the face and lips instead of implants, but the below information is here for posterity sake.

implantsWhether you have disproportionate facial features, wish to accentuate your cheekbones, or need to strengthen your weak jaw line, facial implant surgery may be right for you. A wide variety of facial implants are available, which can be used to enhance your appearance in many different ways.

Benefits of Facial Implant Surgery

  • Enhancing facial proportions
  • Augmenting the cheeks, chin, jaw, or lips
  • Creating better harmony among features
  • Improving appearance for people who have weak facial bone structure


You will have a personal consultation with Oklahoma Dr. Bajaj to determine what facial implant surgery is best for you. The facial implant surgery will take approximately 30 minutes to an hour, and either local or general anesthesia will be used—depending on the best option for you. You can usually return home the same day as surgery.

The facial implant procedure in Oklahoma varies, depending on the type of implant.

Cheek Implants

cheek-implantsCheek implant surgery requires an incision under the lower eyelid or inside the mouth, on each side of the upper lip. Dr. Bajaj will create a pocket for the implant to fit into, inserting it through the incision and securing it in place. A bandage is then applied to the incision site.

Chin Implant

chin-implantsChin implant surgery requires a small incision under your chin or inside your lower lip where Dr. Bajaj will insert the implant in front of the jawbone. The surgery generally takes 30 to 40 minutes, with results apparent right away. You will experience mild soreness, swelling and tightness after your chin implant surgery.

Jaw Implant

For a jaw implant, Dr. Bajaj will make an incision on either side of the lower lip, and will fit the implant into a created pocket.


It is normal to have some minor soreness, swelling and limited movement in the face after facial implant surgery. The area will probably feel tight as your tissues adjust to the implant.

Dr. Bajaj will provide specific instructions for aftercare, including steps on resuming your normal diet, practicing dental hygiene, taking prescription medications and returning to activities like exercise. There will be a low-level of swelling for several months after the surgery.

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Do you desire facial symmetry and balance? Maybe you can benefit from facial implant surgery. Dr. Bajaj and her staff in Oklahoma City are eager to speak with you about the details of facial implant surgery in Oklahoma City. Please email us or call us today at 405.810.8448 to set up your consultation.