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We all have sat through ridiculous infomercials claiming to be the solution to hiding that extra flab around the tummy, however, a new creation by 45-year-old mother of four, Karen Macauley, has been getting a lot of attention from the media. Introducing the brand new TumTape. Now, I have to admit, when I was watching the video I couldn’t keep from snickering when the model lifted her shirt and unzipped her jeans to reveal the product that has been the object of much hype from big news companies like MSN and TODAY.

Tum Tape logo

The TumTape is basically a monster of a bandage with legs that you place around your lower belly to essentially flatten out the extra flabby using adhesives to hold it down underneath your clothing; an idea not too far from Spanx, although many are calling it the next big thing for women looking to hide their post-pregnancy belly or belly pooch. MSN is even saying “try Tum-Tape, and have another bacon burger.” Still, I’m not so convinced that this is a legitimate alternative to the tummy tuck as their tagline is calling it.

Don’t give in to the hype!

Sure, like Spanx, it seems to work well enough underneath a dress or a shirt and a pair of pants. However, if you ever plan on slipping into a nice bikini this summer, you could expect all eyes to be on your belly – and the giant bandage sticking out of your bikini bottoms…and wouldn’t removing it be pretty painful? After all, it does work as a bandage and we all know the feeling of pulling one of those off.

The truth is, all these products like Spanx and now the TumTape, are marketed to be the answer for getting rid of the unwanted belly. However, all they’re really doing is pressing it all together like a modern-day corset. While they do serve a purpose for some occasions, they are by no means a permanent solution.

If you want a permanent fix to the stubborn extra flab without having to strap on some ridiculous contraption, contact board-certified Dr. Bajaj for a free tummy tuck consultation.

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