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More Black People, Especially Women, Are Opting for Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments are on the rise all across the board, it’s starting to seem. First, more men are seeking out cosmetic solutions to their aging woes, and now the news is breaking that another demographic is coming around.

Women with Beautiful skin

The ABC news program “20/20” is reporting that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are on the rise among black women, a demographic that traditionally has not been very keen on getting work done.

Black people carry some genetic benefits within their skin that save them from showing their age.

“Darker skin has natural protective factors against the sun. So we don’t see the same wrinkling, because sun exposure typically will cause weathering or cracking or folding of the skin,” says Dr. Julius Few, a Chicago plastic surgeon.

This phenomenon gave rise to the expression, “Black don’t crack.”

Also, black skin has more oil than white skin, which gives the skin more moisture and makes it more resilient to wrinkling.

And yet, despite these natural advantages, more black women are seeking the help of cosmetic surgeons to improve their looks. 2011 saw a 6 percent rise in African-American patients from 2010, with almost 50,000 more procedures.

Some black women are struggling with the stigma from their peers, who still believe the community doesn’t need plastic surgery.

“There’s a pressure from the community that, you know, ‘African-American women don’t need to have beauty enhancements,’” said Phyllis Jackson, an African-American woman “20/20” interviewed who was planning on getting Botox.

Botox, rhinoplastybreast augmentation, and butt lifts are among the more popular procedures being sought out by black women. Gradually, it looks as though the community is coming to accept plastic surgery.

“I think African-American women are still in the closet about having plastic surgery,” said Linda Caradine-Poinsett, a 50-year-old recipient of breast augmentation surgery. “…(but) I think we’re doing it a lot more.”

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