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More choices available to patients and physicians

If you’re in the market for breast augmentation surgery, then good news! The FDA has just approved the California company Sientra to offer a range of silicone gel implants on the market.

Last year, breast augmentation was the most in-demand form of plastic surgery for women, clocking in at 300,000 procedures in 2011. It used to be that if you wanted to shop around for the silicone implant that was right for you, you really only had two companies to choose from – Mentor or Allergan. Now that Sientra has entered the race, it can mean only good things for patients and physicians.

Primarily, a third competitor means more options for the patient. More options mean more diversity. Not all implants are the same, and not every implant will be the right fit for every person. Sientra’s implants could be the best fit for women who aren’t as compatible with Mentor’s or Allergan’s, and that could mean more women may consider undergoing the procedure who may not have before.

Furthermore, this will give physicians more choice in the implants they recommend to their patients. While a patient can and should do their homework on what sort of implant is best for them, the doctor ultimately holds a lot of sway in the decision. Their evaluation will influence which implant they recommend. With another competitor, doctors can now recommend implants that better suit their patient’s needs, based on the individual characteristics of each company’s implants.

Lastly, this could save you, the patient, money. Allergan and Mentor no longer have a duopoly in the market, and implant prices may be lower to compete with a new competitor.

Between more diversity for you, more options for your surgeon, and all possibilities for a little less coin, rejoice! New competition can really change the landscape of breast augmentation for the better.

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