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Beautiful Lips
Avoid the dreaded “Trout Pout.”

Angelina Jolie is one of the most gorgeous actresses working in Hollywood. Aside from her fabulous right leg, one of her most distinctive features are her plump, full lips. Celebrities and everyday women alike have aspired to replicate that look. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Awareness of the “Trout Pout” phenomenon, which refers to lips that are filled with too much injectable filler, has reached a fever pitch lately after French actress Emmanuelle Beart revealed on the Today show that she had lip augmentation surgery years ago, and considered it ‘botched.’

The problem surrounding Trout Pout is the lack of attention to the proper shape. The bigger lips are, the harder it becomes for them to maintain their shape, and thus Trout Pout is born.

Proper lip proportion should be observed in order to avoid the fishy dilemma. The lower lip should be 1.5 times larger than the upper lip, according to plastic surgeons. A good surgeon with experience won’t let this scale shift too far to one side or the other, even if the patient thinks that’s what she wants. It’s when doctors give in to the trendy demands, problems arise.

Your best chance to avoid botched lip augmentation surgery is to take the same precautions you should with any surgery. Research the procedure, and your physician. He or she should be certified by a governing body, like the ASPS or the ASAPS, and finding someone who specializes in your desired procedure doesn’t hurt. An expert in lip augmentation will know how to best sculpt your smile.

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