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Things you can do, and avoid doing, to keep breasts looking young

The appearance of your breasts is, in many ways, determined before you’re born, by your genes. Certain characteristics of your breasts, such as shape, symmetry, and sagginess, are likely hereditary. But there’s no doubt that external factors can also exacerbate or even cause some of these characteristics as well.

A new study by investigators from University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland using 161 pairs of identical twin sisters has uncovered the secrets to better maintain breasts against the ravages of age and other external factors.

“There appear to be several external factors that affect breast aging and appearance. The good news is that many of these factors can be controlled,” said lead author Hooman T. Soltanian, MD, of University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. “Identical twin studies like this one are very valuable because they allow us to control for genetic influences. This allows us to more accurately assess the impact of external factors on breast aesthetics, such as environmental and lifestyle factors.”

Out of each set of twins, one was asked to moisturize their breasts on a daily basis. The study showed that the moisturized twin boasted significantly fewer wrinkles than their sister.

Other tidbits gleaned from this study:

  • Women who are provided hormone replacement therapy after menopause sport more attractive breast shape, size, areolar shape, and size.
  • Those who breastfed had less attractive areolar size and shape, but the quality of their skin was better.
  • Unattractive breasts were associated with higher Body Mass Index (BMI), more pregnancies, larger cup size, smoking, and consumption of alcohol.

Women who want to help keep their breasts looking best can take heed of this study for some great maintenance tips – moisturize regularly, breastfeed when blessed with a baby, consider hormone treatment after menopause, try to stay in shape, and avoid smoking and alcohol. There’s no changing your genetics, but you can change your habits!

If you try all these tips and are still dissatisfied with the size or shape of your breasts, consult a plastic surgeon about whether breast augmentation or breast lifts might be the solution for you.

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