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More couples are getting work done together.

The old adage goes that “couples who play together, stay together.” The couples that take the time to do things together tend to stand the test of time, whether it be travel, shared hobbies, or what have you. Could we be on the verge of adding plastic surgery to the list of activities couples love to do together?

ABC News recently told the story of Heather and David Robertson, a Michigan couple who have been married for 18 years, undergoing cosmetic surgery together. Their love for one another doesn’t seem to have dimmed over the years, but their bodies aren’t what they used to be.

“Well, Heather has had four children, we have had four children together and you know it takes quite a toll on our bodies,” said David. “So if anybody deserves to get a tummy tuck, I think she deserves to get one done.”

It was Heather who initially opted for a tummy tuck, but David didn’t hesitate to join her for a chin lift to lend her some much-needed moral support.

With men becoming more accepting of the idea of getting cosmetic surgery themselves, we could see a rise in “His & Hers” cosmetic surgery down the line. Dr. Anthony Youn, Robinson’s surgeon, says he’s seeing more couples like them seeking out couple’s procedures.

“A lot of couples want to play together, they vacation together, they want to raise kids together. Now they are having surgery together, too,” said Youn.

If you and your spouse are looking for something new and exciting to do together, perhaps for an anniversary, or just as a treat to yourselves, and the couple’s cosmetic surgery appeals to you, arrange for a consultation with your plastic surgeon.

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