Breast Reconstruction Myths
When I see a new consult, I strive to ensure that my patients and their families have realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the risks involve with any surgical procedure. Managing patient expectations can be the most difficult and important aspect of a successful surgical procedure. In my practice as a plastic surgeon, I commonly hear many misconceptions from patients and their families regarding breast reconstruction after mastectomy, so I have tried to clarify some of these.

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Breast Cancer Survivors Oklahoma

The following is a talk that I gave at a luncheon honoring breast cancer survivors sponsored by Project3One – a local organization started by one of my patients to help women dealing with breast cancer. The mission of Project3One is to embrace, equip, and empower women as they deal with this diagnosis.

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Plastic Surgeon Oklahoma
We all know that smoking is bad. As physicians, most of us routinely counsel our patients to stop smoking. However, I have found that many patients referred to me don’t understand why I will refuse to perform a surgical procedure unless they have quit smoking – before and after surgery.

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Recently, Allure magazine published an article on the 11 most overrated plastic surgical procedures. Amongst the different procedures that the article discussed were “the vampire facelift” and “the stem cell facelift.”
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